A modern re-imagination of a sea captain's home.


Over the hill and through the (red)woods the middle of nowhere finally opens up to the dramatic jagged pacific coastline that is the backdrop of Mendocino village. This quirky, soulful place could be out of a storybook, adorned with weathered but colorful, small but ornate houses lining each small street- each with its own distinct personality. There’s a general feeling that time has stopped in this beautiful community, little attention is paid to much else than respecting the earth and befriending your neighbors. You’ll find yourself walking down the middle of the wide streets at any time of day- the lights in town go out at 8pm, and the town sleeps (except at Dick’s Place). Each morning you wake up in a grey haze but only until the brightest, warmest sun breaks the fog just before noon. The pace is different in Mendocino, which is part of what makes it one of our most favorite places on earth. Mendo has very rich history, which has been preserved impeccably. The story here is based on redwood logging, art and oriental shipwrecks which brought goods. We approached John Dougherty house by trying to reimage how the sea captain himself would have lived today-with functional, no frill antique pieces mixed with modern nautical elements- still remaining understated and calm and oriented toward the sea and surrounding nature that the Mendocino community is rooted in.